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Birth Chart / Diamond Constellation Pendant

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Diamond Constellation

Everyone knows their sun sign, but did you know you have 12 other signs? Your first five are believed to represent facets of your personality.

This shiny, double-sided pendant features your first 5 star signs on one side and the coordinates for your birth on the reverse side. 

Side One: Birth Chart 

  • Sun - basic nature + consistent personality traits
  • Moon - emotions + inner mood
  • Mercury - communication + processing information
  • Venus- luck, vision + love expansion
  • Mars - drive, passion + instincts

Side Two: Diamond Constellation


  • 14K yellow, white or rose gold - email if interested in 18K
  • 1.75 mm handset, fully cut white diamond
  • astrology write up included ( so you know what your unique pendant symbolizes) 
  • final sale
  • 5-6 weeks turn around time
  • please note the birth date in the order notes or email with your order number

 Shiny double-sided gold and diamond pendant, fully customized with your birth or your child's details!